Lisa's Army T-Shirt
Lisa's Army T-Shirt

Lisa's Army T-Shirt

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Show you are part of #LisasArmy and raise funds.

£11 from each of the first 100 t shirts sold will be donated to Lisa Wells Justgiving Page

£8 per t shirt from every t shirt sold after this will continue to go to the same fund.

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My name is Lisa Wells, I’m 31 years old and I have terminal liver and bowel cancer. #LisasArmyUK is fundraising for my two beautiful girls Ava-Lily, 5 and Saffia, 11 weeks and Dorothy House.

Our first daughter Ava-Lily was born in September 2012 and we welcomed our second daughter Saffia in October 2017. Shortly after giving birth, I was given the devastating news that I had stage 4 bowel and liver cancer and I had 2-12 months to live.

I wish to leave my girls a lasting legacy in my absence and help others in a similar position. I won’t get to see my girls reach the milestones every mother should – helping to pick out their wedding dresses, celebrate their successes or keys to their first home. So instead I want to raise an army of friends, family and supporters to help carry them through those experiences and to know their mum did all of this in their name. My legacy will not be filled with sadness, but joy, laughter and love.


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All proceeds (ex VAT and delivery) from the first x100 shirts sold will go to the campaign. All profits from any shirts sold after the first x100 will also go to the campaign. Please note the value raised shown in the counter includes VAT and t shirt production costs - the actual amount donated will vary and is specified in the product description. makes no profit from this campaign.

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All profits will be donated to the Royal Volunteering Service who are coordinating the NHS Volunteer Responders campaign.

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